Getting in touch with your Sacred Feminine Sexuality / Goddess Sexuality can be wonderfully liberating and empowering. When a woman connects to her Kundalini Energy / Sacred Sexual Energy she will find that it is incredibly healing and life changing. The two areas that I want to explore in more detail are GIVING as well as RECEIVING pleasure.

Goddess power


Women are natural givers – we look after, nurture, care for others, etc. and so, when we awaken to or discover our awesome Kundalini energy and feel a new level of sexual freedom and empowerment, it is not surprising that we want to GIVE! We are more easily able to ‘tap into’ our inner ‘Sex Goddess’ selves who want to entice, entrance, seduce and captivate our lover.  We focus all our energy and attention on our partner and imagine ourselves as the Ultimate Temple Priestess who is able to take their lover to that incredible place of sexual union and unity that transcends this physical plane. We embody the High Priestess of Sacred Sex who is here to give our lover the most awesome experience of their lives. When we embody this role, all our focus and attention is on our lover. It is all about GIVING.


I find it fascinating that when we are in this ‘giving’ aspect of sacred sexuality, we are in control; we are in the driving seat, as it were. All our focus and attention is on our partner’s pleasure rather than on our own pleasure. The other interesting point is that we are actually tapping into our ‘divine masculine energy’ when we focus on GIVING in this context. Before I go on, I would like to mention that I think it is hugely important that individuals get in touch with both their divine masculine as well as sacred feminine sides. We need both Yin and Yang energy to be in perfect balance. Generally speaking, masculine energy is dominant, strong, and active, as well as in control, whereas feminine energy is about being open, surrendering and receptive.



As great as it is to ‘give’, I believe that there is an even deeper level that you can delve into when you open yourself up to the art of ‘receiving’. I am not talking about the type of passive receiving where you lie back and open up to your partner so that they can receive instant satisfaction and gratification. No, I am talking about deliberate, delicious, delectable receiving where your lover’s attention is 100% focused on YOU RECEIVING PLEASURE.

Embracing your Inner Goddess and allowing yourself to be ‘worshipped’ and ‘adored’ by your lover is a whole new experience altogether. In this receiving aspect of Goddess Sexuality / Sacred Feminine Sexuality, you open yourself up to receiving unadulterated, gratuitous, pleasure. It is all about you having the undivided attention of your lover as he/she explores every part of you. This sacred space of receiving is a safe place where you are able to surrender your heart and bare your soul to your partner. This is a place where you want a lover who is unselfish and who also understands that you are embodying the Goddess and you have invited them into your ‘sacred temple’ to focus all their attention and energy on your pleasure.

yoni 1

One of the awesome things about being a woman is that we are multi-orgasmic. It is really important to know and understand how your body works and what it responds to; so that you can teach/guide your lover in bringing you pleasure – at least initially. One of the most powerful sexual experiences your partner can have is seeing your body respond to his/her touch. There is nothing more satisfying than having complete power over your partner’s body and seeing how your fingers and tongue can send ripples of ecstatic pleasure through your lover’s body.


I often wonder if the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy was a best-seller because the focus was all on ‘her’ pleasure. I think women often feel guilty if they aren’t reciprocating and almost feel like they need permission to just receive. Great sex starts with great communication. If you and your partner are able to talk about your needs and desires openly, it will open up the doorway to transcendental sexual discoveries and experiences. Make time to explore both sides of sexual pleasure – GIVING & RECEIVING. Decide beforehand (if necessary) which ‘energy’ you are going to tap into – the more masculine, dominant, powerful role of the ‘giver’ or the more feminine, receptive, open and surrendered role of allowing yourself to receive sexual pleasure. Both are important, both are necessary and both offer new and exciting experiences. It’s just difficult to try and do both at the same time.


If you are used to trying to both give and receive at the same time, why not try something new? So often, you are so busy focusing on what you are doing to your partner’s body that you forget to enjoy the focus your own body is receiving. Instead of both trying to GIVE at the same time, or even RECEIVE at the same time – why not both focus on one of you RECEIVING what your lover desires to GIVE?

You are a Goddess of Sacred Sex and sensual pleasure, allow yourself to remember what that feels like.

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