The Element of Fire

Associated with the sun, fire is the spark of life.                                                                                                           

Fire governs the realm of passion and intensity and ignites our desires.                                                                                                  

It is the intuitive flash of understanding, it sparks our imagination that creates wonderful new and exciting possibilities.
Fire, like all the other elements, can be both creative and destructive.                                                                                                

Fire provides warmth and light; it can cleanse and purify but it also has the power to consume and destroy.

Fire has the power to transform all it touches and represents our determination and drive, action, movement, passion, anger, strength, sexuality, achievement, mastery, optimism, liveliness, pleasure, perseverance, courage passion, self-assertiveness, virility, zeal,motivation, and enthusiasm.

In the Southern Hemisphere Fire rules the North, the direction of the sun’s fiercest heat and its season is Summer.

Because it is the element of the passions, it gives courage and strength to fight for quality of life. Fire banishes negativity and overcomes obstacles.


Artist – Janice Blaine (paintersblock)

The Fire Goddess is dancing in the centre of a great bonfire. She has a salamander, a creature once believed to be impervious to flames, tattooed on her back. The coyote-like creatures dancing around her are called the cadejos. They are the Children of the Volcanos from El Salvador mythology.



Goddess Association – Temptress / Enchantress
Direction – North (Southern Hemisphere) or South (Northern Hemisphere)
Season – Summer
Time – Midday
Moon Phase – first quarter (waxing)
Planets – Mars & Pluto
Gender – Masculine (male negative)
Colours – Red, Orange, Gold
Sense – Sight
Magical Tools – Wand or Athame, candles, lanterns, all solar icons
Musical Instruments – Stringed instruments, guitar, harp
Creatures – dragon, snake, lion, ram, phoenix
Natural symbols – flame, lava
Celtic Sacred Trees – Oak, Holly, Blackthorn
Herbs – basil, bay, garlic, hyssop, juniper, rosemary
Incense – frankincense, cinnamon, basil
Minerals – brass, gold, iron, flint
Crystals – fire opal, garnet, hematite, red jasper, sardonyx
Zodiac Signs – Aries, Leo, Sagitarius
Archangel – Michael

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