The Element of Earth

Earth stands for stability and growth. It is the solid foundation over which all the other elements move.
Earth is the element of all physical and material things and its energy is grounding.

The Earth element governs stability, security and material concerns. It supports us, feeds us and holds us within our physical existence (health, money or property, business affairs) and our material well-being (food, clothing and shelter).

This feminine element is the realm of the Mother Goddess, and her body is where we sink our roots.
Stability, loyalty and reliability are the qualities of the Earth element, keeping us grounded and secure in loving families and comfortable homes.

Earth’s energy is receptive, teaching patience, endurance, self sufficiency and reliability. Earth helps us recognize and accept our limitations and shows us how to take responsibility for our lives and our destiny. It’s symbol is the Crone / Wise Woman.
Earth’s season is Winter and its direction is South in the Southern Hemisphere and North in the Northern Hemisphere.

Earth represents and governs solidity, substance, form, all minerals, manifestation, embodiment, pleasure, practicality, reliability, seasons, grounding, earthly wisdom, focus, introspection, stability, growth, responsibility, endurance, strength, patience, commitment, nurturing, fertility, work, prosperity, money, and business.


Artist Janice Blaine – paintersblock

The Earth Goddess is an arbutus tree, which grows on Vancouver island. It is an extremely resilient tree that does not lend itself well to building or carving. It is also not a good choice for fire wood. I could think of no better tree to turn into a goddess! She is surrounded by wolves, the ultimate symbol of the wild spirit. The wolves are accompanied by ravens, who are a symbol of creation. Legends tell of the raven bringing light to the earth by placing the sun and the moon into the sky. Janice Blaine


Goddess Association – The Crone
Direction – South in the Southern Hemisphere & North in the Northern Hemisphere
Season – Winter
Time – Midnight
Moon Phase – dark
Planets – Earth, Saturn
Gender – Feminine (Female positive)
Colors – Natural earthy colours, browns, ochres, burn orange, olive green, black, white
Sense – touch
Magical Tool – pentacle
Musical instruments – percussion
Creatures – ox, dog, wolf, goat, stag
Natural symbols – fossils, stones, grains and seeds, salt, earth
Celtic Sacred Trees – Ash, Hawthorn, Pine
Herbs – Pennyroyal, Lovage, sage, mugwart
Incense – vetivert, patchouli, myrrh
Minerals – lead, coal
Crystals – emerald, aventurine, pyrites, onyx
Zodiac Signs – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Archangel – Uriel

Earth by cassiopeiaart – Kat Langwagen

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