The Element of Air
Air is the element of life and breath.
Air is associated with the East (Sunrise) and its Season is Spring.
Air symbolizes new beginnings, the generative energy of the seed, infancy and enterprise.
Air is the element of the wind and can be a gentle, cool breeze or it may have the destructive power of a hurricane.
Its energy is directed outwards and governs all movement and is associated with travel, freedom and new discoveries.
It is the element of thought and ideas, air governs our intellect, creativity, the arts, communication, verbal expression, writing, speaking performing, analysis and learning, as well as balance, justice, theory, change, reason, understanding, speech and knowledge.

Artist – Air by Janice Blaine/ paintersblock

The Air Goddess is microscopic, dwarfed by the butterflies that swirl around her. Her size allows her to be carried (often unseen) by the wind. Her invisibility is one of her greatest powers. She reveals herself with the music she plays on her pan flute. Janice Blaine


Goddess Association – The Maiden
Direction – East
Season – Spring
Time – Sunrise
Moon Phase – New
Planets – Mercury & Uranus
Gender – Masculine positive
Colours – Yellow, Light blue
Senses – Hearing & Smell
Magical Tools – Wand or Athame
Musical Instruments – Wind instruments
Creatures – Birds, winged insects
Natural Symbols – Feathers, Fragrant flowers
Celtic Sacred Trees – Alder & Birch
Trees – Elder & Eucalyptus
Herbs – Comfrey, Lavender, Mint
Incense – Sandalwood, Lemon
Minerals – Mercury
Crystals – Aventurine, Topaz
Zodiac Signs – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Archangel – Raphael

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