Believing in an Infinite Creative Force that sustains all life is incredibly freeing.  It means that you don’t have to believe in any one religion or be part of any particular religious group, because you are free to drink from the wisdom, truth and beauty that can be found in ALL of them.

You don’t have to feel bound to or restricted by a set of theological beliefs or religious structures that have been interpreted and taught in a way that doesn’t make sense to you or that you are not comfortable with.


You are directly connected to the Source that created you and that same source flows through you.  Realising that this Life-force is within you is incredibly empowering and means that you are in continual UNION with your Creator.  It means that you are free to see the Creatrix in all of Her Creation.  You are free to embrace the idea of Panentheism (God in ALL / ALL in God) wholeheartedly.  You only have to look around you to see this incredible, Infinite Creative Force flowing in and through all that She has birthed and sustains.


You are free to express yourself and your creativity however you choose.  You can use your intuitive gifts and wise woman power without fear of being labelled a witch or sorceress.  You can consult Tarot cards and the Stars and see the beauty and wisdom in Sacred Geometry and Numerology without fear of being ostracized by your religious community.  You can believe in both magic and miracles because you know that the two can go together.


You can call yourself a child of the Earth Mother and immerse yourself in the amazing richness and depth of Shamanic, Pagan and Earth Based practices without fear of being shunned or excommunicated.

Because you know that you have been created and birthed in unconditional love by the Universe Herself, the fear of death holds no power over you.  You will not be controlled or manipulated by teachings on hell, devils and demons.


You believe that there are ‘spiritual truths ’at work in the Universe no matter what your religious beliefs are (or lack thereof) or how you interpret them.  These spiritual truths remain true regardless.  You can choose to work with them to co-create a world/life that is full of love, awe, and wonder.  You can work with the higher energy and frequency of the Universe and believe that your dreams and desires will be manifest.  You can tune into the natural rhythm of the Universe and choose to go with the flow and work in harmony with Nature.  You can follow the cycles and seasons and moon times and honour the natural cycles of your body.


You are completely free to embrace your sensuality and sexuality and revel in who you are.  You can delight in the truth that sexuality and spirituality go hand in hand and that you can experience an even greater connection to the Divine Feminine through the practice of Sacred Sex.  Life is good.

Love & Light


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