This is a good time of the month (waning moon) to release anything that is keeping you feeling ‘stuck’.  It may be old habits or patterns of behavior, maybe negative emotions that leave you feeling ‘not good enough’, like a failure, stuck in a rut, exhausted physically or emotionally, stressed, over-worked, sorry for yourself, disgruntled, moody, irritable.

It is so easy to ignore or pretend to ignore or even suppress the stuff that you don’t feel like dealing withSo instead of looking at the root of what’s making you feel negative you just end up stuck in a negative head space.  When you’re stuck there, you find yourself becoming more defensive, quick to judge others or jump to conclusions.  Unfortunately, the cycle continues (you go round and round in circles) until you decide to STOP the cycle and take some time to figure out what’s going on inside you.


Usually you do have some idea of what the underlying issue is (sometimes you don’t).  It could even be something that you don’t actually feel like looking at or admitting or working through.  This can be because, whatever it is, can feel overwhelming, or impossible to change, or even be out of your control.

Whatever it is, I encourage you to stop going around in circles and look at what’s making you feel shitty.  Even just admitting that there is something that’s making you feel negative is usually enough to shift the energy block.


The first step is to DECIDE that this is what you intend to do, then take some time out to connect with yourself, to really be in the moment.  Take a couple of deep breaths, center yourself and wait and see what comes up.  Trust the Universe to work with you on the issues that come up.


Sometimes I find it helpful to ‘unpack’ how I’m feeling with someone I trust (husband, friend, life-coach, counselor), depending on what the issue is.  At other times, I find writing down what’s worrying me or holding me back really helpful. Then I can see if there are any steps that I can take to change the situation.  Maybe I can’t change a situation that is out of my control but I can change my attitude and behavior towards it.  There is always a choice involved.

I find it helpful to go back to my list of desires/goals and see if there is anything there that I want to add or build on or re-look at.  I find connecting with my desires a really good way to re-focus and get fresh inspiration, perspective, and motivation.


It could be something as simple as “I want to feel healthy and radiant”

What do I need to do to feel healthy and radiant? (Having veggie juice in the mornings, eating more fruit and veg, making time to walk).

What do I need to stop doing that is sabotaging my desire to feel healthy and radiant? (Falling back into bad eating habits and not being active enough – puts me into a negative head space and makes me feel like a failure etc. etc. etc.)

What is the next step I can take to reach my desire? (Stock up on juice greens, fruit and veg).

What can I do that brings me pleasure?  Life is so much more fun when we remember to make time for the things that we love doing, the things that bring us pleasure. (I can plan to have a nice long walk on the beach over the weekend.  I can put some time aside to do a guided meditation.  I can hire a DVD that I’ve wanted to watch or go and see a movie on the big screen).


One of the things I love about doing this exercise is that it reminds me of all the things that I have to be grateful for (I am so grateful that I have a loving husband that is willing to listen to me unpack my ‘stuff’.  I am so grateful that I have friends I can confide in.  I am so grateful that we live close enough to a beach so that I can ground myself and connect with Nature.  My gratitude list goes on and on). On this note, I find it really helpful to keep a Gratitude Journal and write down 3 or more things that I am grateful for every day.

Lastly, take a moment to CELEBRATE YOURSELF AND YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS.  Remember how great you are, remind yourself of all that you have accomplished.  Be specific.  If you don’t know where to start, start with, “I am celebrating that I have made time to deal with some of the negative things that are holding me back from reaching my desires”.  “I am celebrating that I’m making time to connect with ME”.


There is the New Moon on the 31st January (Black Moon Rising) and the start of the Chinese New Year (Yang Wood Horse) between the 31st January and the 4th February. Both of these events are all about NEW BEGINNINGS.  I encourage you to take time to clear out the OLD and NEGATIVE to make way for the NEW and POSITIVE.

Love & Light



  1. Thank you Laurene, makes alot of sense to me in the way i have been feeling. You truly are an inspiring woman of the earth!!! keep it going….:) now i get emails each time you write 🙂 wont miss a beat!!


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