I had a vision where I saw centuries of lies and oppression just starting to disintegrate and evaporate before my eyes. I saw shackles and chains falling away as if they were made of spiders’ webs.

We have been lied to for far too long – (our religion is the only religion, you have to be part of ‘our’ system/group in order to really belong, those people are evil/bad) any system that uses fear and/or control or greed for that matter isn’t worth your time or energy. These structures are based on duality (Good and Evil – in some traditions this duality is referred to as the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil)

We are realizing that we don’t need to get caught up in the ‘games’, the ‘structures’, and the ‘hierarchies’, that try and keep us blind-folded and in bondage; whether they are religious systems, political structures or any other kind of organization or belief system that makes us feel like we have to ‘climb ladders’ and ‘jump through hoops’ in order to be more Spiritual, more free, or more whatever.

Being ‘good’ and trying to do ‘good’ can be as much of a trap and keep us oppressed and oppressive. Trying to be ‘good’ keeps us from facing our shadow and keeps us from truly embracing freedom because we are trying so hard to be good and perfect.

If we don’t support these systems, they won’t be able to stand on their own. They need us to keep them ‘going’.
Unfortunately a lot of these systems and structures are ‘inside’ us. They are so entrenched in us that we aren’t even aware of them… They are negative thoughts and patterns of behavior that keep us fearful, oppressed and worried. They keep us trapped and judging and critical of others that don’t fit into our ‘boxes’

Now for the exciting part: once we wake up to the fact that we have all of this going on inside us (this dualistic mind-set) we can decide if we want to keep on living and behaving like this or we can choose to break free and wake up to a new way of being – a new way of living life (some traditions refer to this as the Tree of Life)

I believe that there are many people waking up to a new reality, a new way of being. We are starting to see ourselves and each other in a new light. We are becoming more and more aware that we really are all One – we are beginning to embrace the Divine Feminine in ourselves, one another and through Nature. My Breath is your Breath; my Spirit is your Spirit. I see you, I feel you, and I need you.

Instead of duality, we can embrace unity.
When we are united, we no longer feel the need to judge, compare and criticize each other because we realize that we are all one and the same. We all come from the same source – The Infinite Creative Force that gives life to all phenomena is in all of us – ‘I am another you’.

Love & Light



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