Intuitive Goddess

I help you live a transformed, intuitive life.
My calling is to encourage, motivate and support women (and the men who love them) as they awaken to their Inner Wisdom – their Sacred Feminine Essence.

I believe that many of us are waking up to a new reality, a different way of relating to ourselves and each other. It is the way of the Feminine Divine. For way too long we have been trying to find self-expression in a very male dominated society and patriarchal culture.
What I am discovering is that no matter what religious group, ethnic group or any other group that we were born into, women and the men who love them are waking up to something deeper within themselves. There is an inner voice calling us, beckoning us to come deeper, to reconnect with our intuition, our ‘inner knowing’ and we are starting to listen to that voice that is drawing us inward.
It is that voice that longs to connect us to our moon cycles and the cycles of nature. It wants to reconnect us to our Beloved Earth Mother and to our Goddess Sisters and Brothers. It is the voice of community and sharing, of nurturing and building, of abundance and generosity, of pleasure and desire.It is the voice of balance and justice, of self-love as well as loving others. It is the call to a more authentic, holistic and healthy way of being and relating.
I believe that both men and women are awakening to the call of the Sacred Feminine and that we are all on the road to discovering how we can learn to balance the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within ourselves. My desire is that we can encourage, inspire and motivate each other as we explore this amazing journey together. Love & Light, Laurene

I absolutely love Richard Barnes’s designs. This design is one of my favourites.

I absolutely love Richard Barnes's designs. This design is one of my favourites.
Triple goddess pentacle themed in “water” blue with purple Celtic triquetra knot-work, spirals and jewels for each of the five elements

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